Baseline evaluation of New Zealand Cycle Trails Research Underway


Baseline evaluation of New Zealand Cycle Trails

Lead Researcher

John Dunn, NZCT Project Manager


New Zealand Cycle Trail


John Dunn

NZCT Project Manager

Description of Project

The New Zealand Cycle Trail (NZCT) will attract new visitors to regions around New Zealand and support economic growth. Now that some trails are fully open, research is planned to evaluate the short and medium term outcomes of the New Zealand Cycle Trail and also to establish a sustainable framework for future evaluation.

The project is led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The first programme of work is scheduled to be undertaken over summer 2013.

The evaluation will include interviews and data collection.  Information will be sought directly from cycle trails, including the use of the trails, spending by cycle tourists, satisfaction of those using the trails and the creation of employment and new business opportunities.

The intention is to collect data from various sources such as the cycle trail trusts overseeing local trails, regional tourism organisations, economic development agencies and related community organisations.  Information will also be sought from other sources such as tourism surveys (International Visitors Survey and Domestic Travel Survey) and regional data.

Additionally, four in-depth cycle trail case studies will be undertaken with trails that are fully open. Motu Trails, Mountains to Sea Trail, Hauraki Rail Trail and The Queenstown Trail have agreed to participate in these studies.

These trails offer a geographical spread and a range of cycling experiences. The case studies will involve focus groups representing businesses impacted by the cycle trails, business surveys and surveys of people using the cycle trail.

Specialist researchers Angus & Associates and TRC Tourism have been contracted by the Ministry to collect in-depth case study information over summer.

We expect that the final report, and full details about ongoing evaluation and reporting, will be available on the Ministry website from mid-2013 and available for public use.


New Zealand Cycle Trial, cycle trails,cycle tourists, cycle trail trusts, employment creation, business opportunities


30/11/2012 - tbc

Areas of Focus

Settings (location)

Provision (delivery type & infrastructure)


Sport and Recreation Types




February 8, 2013

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