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Sport New Zealand has released a Victoria University study Cash, Sinkholes and Sources, funded by Sport NZ, which explored the financial issues facing grassroots sport, specifically golf and football clubs. Three main reports were produced along with a summary report for each sport report. This 2010/11 study builds on a 2008 study by the Victoria University researchers, which looked at six sports (golf, squash, hockey, rugby, cricket and netball) by zoning in on two sports football and golf in detail with the aim of helping sports detect financial stress in sports clubs (see below). A short video is also provided from Dr Carolyn Cordery introducing the 2010/11 study (courtesy of Victoria University). A related 2013 study by Andrew Milne (Victoria University) of the costs of grassroots club rugby based on the Wellington Rugby Union is also provided (both a full report and a poster).

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Carolyn Cordery

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Rachel Baskerville


Victoria University of Wellington


Victoria University of Wellington

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November 15, 2013

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August 28, 2014