What is the Sport and Recreation Library?

The Knowledge Library is a repository for New Zealand based research on sport and recreation from the year 2000 onwards.

The bookcases (Searchable sections)

The Knowledge Library has three searchable sections – Research Underway, Completed Research and User Community:

  • Research Underway – for posting/viewing descriptions of current research projects, along with contact details of the researchers and information about who the research is for/funded by.
  • Completed Research – for posting/viewing abstracts of articles, and details of book chapters, reports, conference proceedings, and theses. Where available, links to full text are provided.
  • User Communityfor posting/viewing contact details, profiles, and lists of publications of contributors registered with the Knowledge Library.

Purpose of the Knowledge Library

  • The Knowledge Library brings together in one repository New Zealand-based sport and recreation research ideas, and research projects – underway and completed.
  • The Knowledge Library aims to provide, over time, a comprehensive list of New Zealand sport and recreation references, so people know ‘something’ exists on a particular topic. Further, we want to provide direct links to the research material (or source) where possible. Where documents are not directly available, libraries can help obtain documents of interest.
  • We encourage researchers to register and help populate the site with references and downloadable documents as they become available. We will also try and provide direct contacts (e.g. e-mail addresses) when a research document is not directly available.
  • The Knowledge Library is also a contact point for people to connect and collaborate on sport and recreation research. It aims to bring together sport and recreation practitioners, policy makers (in government and non-government organisations) and researchers (academic and commercial; students and professionals).
  • You can be a registered user of the Knowledge Library to add and edit content OR you can browse the site to search for and view content. You can register here.
  • Research ideas and items are welcomed on the broad range of sport and recreation research topics, including: delivery of sport and recreation (e.g. formal, informal, multi-sport, pay-for-play, events, facilities – indoor and outdoor); management and governance (leadership, management practices, good practice, coaching, volunteers), to); settings (community, workplaces, school, clubs, outdoors); impacts and benefits, and; the full range of sport and recreation activities (from athletics to windsurfing).
  • Research of all types can be posted – quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, case studies, action research, reviews and theoretical research.
  • General high performance-related research is included. For sports science and medicine research go to www.highperformance.com – the professional practice community run by High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ).
  • Relevant physical activity research is welcomed but we refer readers and users to the Hiirc Weight Management Knowledge Library, as the main repository for physical activity and health related research is already provided: http://weightmanagement.hiirc.org.nz/section/12387/knowledge-library/

How to search the Knowledge Library

Choose a Menu tabs on the home page. This will take you to the home page for that section, which provides a high-level view of the content available.

All content on the site is categorised through the use of key words and tags. You can search using individual or combinations of tags in the Knowledge Library. Insert your search terms in the Search box (e.g. coaching).

User Guidelines

Please make sure you read the User Guidelines before using the Knowledge Library.

Getting help

If you would like help in using the site, email knowledgelibrary@sportnz.org.nz

The Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library website team at Sport NZ will respond to you as soon as possible.