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Welcome to the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library (the Knowledge Library). The Knowledge Library is for all those working or interested in sport and recreation in New Zealand – practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and planners.

Purpose of the Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library brings together in one repository New Zealand-based sport and recreation research projects – underway and completed. Read more…

Research Underway

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Tackling NZ's growing obesity via rugby clubs

The rapid increase in obesity rates in recent years, particularly among Maori and Pacific men is a serious health concern and highlights the need for programmes to help them manage their weight. Unfortunately, men do not typically engage with... Read more

Clearinghouse for Sport


The Clearinghouse for Sport website connects sports people with complementary expertise and helps facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge across the sport sector. Membership is free.

The Clearinghouse for Sport complements the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library by providing an Australasian and international doorway to sport and recreation knowledge.

Sport NZ online toolkit

Tell your sport and recreation story!

You know how valuable your organisation is. This self-help research toolkit can help you tell others…potential and current members, funders, planners and more. It can also help you reflect on what you do, and how to do it better Have a look.

Also find completed case study research on the value of sport and recreation on this website here.


Visual Knowledge

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fit-for-purpose sport and leisure provision with declining resources

Sport England Director of Property Charles Johnston shares insights into the world of facility planning and development.

Charles Johnston is the Director...

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Volunteering Insights Report

The GEMBA sports and entertainment report (GSER) is driven by the need to make better-informed, fact-based decisions. This report employs data collected via the GSER to provide insights about New Zealand sport and recreation volunteers. A range of... Read more

2016 Sport and Recreation Paid Workforce Survey

In February, Sport NZ commissioned research firm, Angus and Associates to survey paid workers in sport and recreation organisations. We had a fantastic response, with more than 100 organisations involved and well over 1,000 people completing the... Read more

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults draws on Sport NZ’s 2013/14 Active NZ Survey to provide insights into how people living in the region take part in sport and recreation. The report highlights how Aucklanders take part in... Read more