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Dr Anna Thompson (Carr) is a senior lecturer at the University of Otago where she is co-director of the Centre for Recreation Research. She grew up at Tongariro National Park (Whakapapa village),and prior to academia worked for the Lands and and Survey/Dept of Conservation co-owner/operator of two adventure tourism companies (Southern Alps Guiding 1989-1993 and Wild Earth Adventures 1995 - 2002).

Anna is a director of Te Ana Whakairo (Ngai Tahu Maori Rock Art Centre Trust), Advisor on the NZ Ecotourism Advisory Committee, and an Otago trust member of Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) Trust. She has been involved in national and international ecotourism, visitor recreation and adventure tourism research projects since 1998. Anna is a keen mountain biker and skier and used to be an active mountaineer. She currently sits on the NZ Mountain Safety Council Research Committee.

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