Lafaele Filipo




Bay of Plenty


We are approximately 100 strong Tokelauan community in Rotorua. Our elders decided in the early 70's that the community was losing their identity so they decided to form this club. The two key factors about this club was Culture and Sport.
The National Tokelauan community which is governed by Mafutaga Tupulaga o Tokelau Niu Hila get together every 2 years to celebrate/meet and compete against each other in various sports and most importantly Culture.
This year the festival was hosted by Porirua and attending regions were Hutt Valley, Manawatu, Taupo, Rotorua, Auckland and Hawaii. In previous festivals we have had teams attending from Australia and the Tokelau Islands.
2014 Rotorua is hosting the festival so fund raising for this event will be a huge task.

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