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Modelling progression of competitive sports performance

Rita Maria Malcata

Athletes, coaches, sport scientists and managers need objective assessment of changes in competitive performance to provide evidence for guiding athletes’ development, for assessing programme... read more

Examining the Nature of Interpersonal Coach-Athlete Dyads between New Zealand National Representative Female Football Players and National Head Coaches

Dwayne Woolliams

  Keywords: The purpose of this research is to better understand the nature of the coach-athlete relationships within New Zealand Football’s National Female under 17s, Under 20s and the... read more

Contextualised Skill Acquisition: Investigating the Skill and Expertise of Brazilian Footballers

Luiz Antonio Uehara

This thesis investigates the role of socio-cultural-historical environmental constraints influencing the development of association football expertise and skill in Brazilian players. Only a small... read more

New Zealand as a safe adventure destination – is it a reality?

Purvi Salla

Adventure tourism has grown rapidly over the years playing a vital role in the economic growth of New Zealand as well as attracting numerous travellers from across the globe to the country. However... read more

Prosocial behaviour in adolescents : classroom and sport specific environments

Olivia Baudinet

Research has found that participation in sports is positively associated with physical health, academic achievement, and social wellbeing. New Zealand lacks studies in this area, particularly in an... read more

Physical activity profiling of New Zealand adults: A study of adults with and without young children

Lisa Mackay

The author investigates physical activity in adults with and without young children. Topics include measuring physical activity in adults with young children, and the various dimensions of... read more

Minimal running footwear, a case study in enabling design

Reid Allan Douglas

A dramatic shift in how we design is required in order to move toward sustainable production and consumption. Such a paradigm shift is daunting and often seems inaccessible to young designers. This... read more

"A girls' game – and a good one too" A critical analysis of New Zealand netball.

Geoffrey Andrew

This thesis is an analysis of the role of netball in New Zealand society. It examines the question of whether netball was able to achieve hegemony over women’s sports in New Zealand by... read more

Strategies to improve running economy in trained distance runners

Kyle Barnes

Running economy is considered an important physiological measure for endurance athletes, especially distance runners. Of the numerous metabolic, cardiopulmonary, biomechanical and neuromuscular... read more

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