Keeping Up With the Play: Practicum, Partnership and Practice Research Completed


Keeping Up With the Play: Practicum, Partnership and Practice

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Andy Martin , Sarah Leberman


Massey University,

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Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education


Dr Andy Martin
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This paper reports an inquiry into a Sport Management Program at Massey University. It provides program evaluation based on feedback from sport organizations and graduates related to their experiences of the Sport Management Practicum, a for credit double semester paper, normally undertaken in the third or fourth year of study or as part of a compulsory requirement of both undergraduate and post graduate Sport Management majors at Massey University, New Zealand. The research investigated the impact on the practicum organizations, and whether the practicum helped graduates in their current position. An open-ended questionnaire was sent to all 2004 organizational supervisors (n=25). A separate questionnaire consisting of open and closed questions was sent to all Sport Management and Coaching graduates between 2000 and 2003 (n=160). The responses were transcribed and then coded using the qualitative data analysis package HyperRESEARCH. Triangulation of the data findings provided further insight into the value of the Sport Management Practicum, benefits to the industry and transfer of learning to the work place. The findings suggest that graduates and practicum organizations valued the linking of theory to practice through the sport Management Practicum and regarded it as professional preparation for careers in the sport industry. The importance of managing both student and organizational expectations was also highlighted. The graduates and supervisors concurred on the key needs of practicum students, which were to be enthusiastic, organized, show initiative and make the most of their practicum opportunity. One implication from this research is that it is important to see work-integrated learning as part of a whole course of study involving the placement organizations, rather than as a stand-alone component.





Learning; sport management; practicum; survey; New Zealand.



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June 25, 2014

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