Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of New Zealand Adults Research Completed


Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of New Zealand Adults

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2013/14 Active New Zealand Survey Results

This initial survey report provides an up-to-date snapshot on how, when and where adults are engaging in sport and active recreation as participants and volunteers. Also some results from the 2013/14 Survey are compared with those from the earlier 2007/08 Survey to track changes in participation and volunteering.

Results are presented for all adults and, in some sections, for sport and recreation participants. Many results are presented for all adults (all participants) and then by gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic background (deprivation index) and location (urban/rural).

The report includes results about:
• Participation in sport and recreation over different timeframes (12 months, 4 weeks, 7 day).
• Popular sports/activities, the number of sports/activities done, and frequency of participation.
• Ways adults take part in sport and recreation (eg, casually or in competitions), payment types (including pay-for-play), membership of clubs, gyms and centres, and the extent of instruction/coaching and use instructional resources.
• Where adults participate (ie, at man-made facilities or in natural settings).
• Reasons they participate.
• Participation in events and in different types of events.
• Interest in trying new activities or doing more of existing activities, and the barriers to participation.
• Levels of volunteering and volunteer roles.
• Changes in participation (including in popular activities) and volunteering between 2007/08 and 2013/14.

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March 16, 2015