Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Young New Zealanders Research Completed


Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Young New Zealanders

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Dr Sue Walker and Kay Haughey, Sport New Zealand


Sport NZ

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Sport New Zealand


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Generations change. So what is the future of sport and recreation in New Zealand – rugby and netball? Or snowboarding and surfing? Something else entirely?

To answer these and other key questions we’ve surveyed over 17,000 students in primary, intermediate and secondary schools.

This is the most significant piece of research into young New Zealanders’ participation in sport and recreation in more than 10 years. The scale of the survey allows us, for the first time, to explore how sport and recreation fit into the lives of boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds.

Initial results are now available. Other insights and greater understanding will emerge as we delve further into this significant research

The Introduction in the initial report has more information about how the survey was carried out. Full details are in the Methodology Report which is also available.  


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September 5, 2012

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September 6, 2012

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