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Survey of New Zealanders

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Nielsen Research , Colmar Brunton Research


Department of Conservation

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Department of Conservation


Michael Harbrow

Science & Capability Group, Department of Conservation, Wellington



The Survey of New Zealanders is an annual tracking survey carried out for the Department of Conservation. Aspects of the survey include the New Zealand publics’ engagement and attitudes to conservation, attitudes to pest control, priorities around protection of historic heritage, views on the Department’s performance and the publics’ use and enjoyment of public conservation lands and waters.

In 2013 the Department tested a postal/online method alongside the telephone survey used in previous years. The new method is considered to be more accurate as it provides survey respondents with more time to complete their answers. It is also more cost effective. For these reasons, the Department has decided to conduct the postal/online survey instead of the telephone survey in the future.

Altogether the views of 7307 New Zealanders aged 18+ were captured in either the postal / online or telephone surveys. The results of the 2013 surveys are captured in a series of reports prepared by Nielsen Research and Colmar Brunton Research.

Keywords: Outdoor recreation, participation, public perception, public awareness


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December 18, 2013

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December 18, 2013