Territorial Authority Sport and Recreation Facilities Decision Guide Research Completed


Territorial Authority Sport and Recreation Facilities Decision Guide

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Sport New Zealand


Report written by Fay Freeman, Freeman Associates for Sport New Zealand

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Sport New Zealand


Sport New Zealand commissioned this research into the full range of sport and recreation facility management choices available to TAs. The aim was to produce a comprehensive and independent view on the range of choices available, and provide guidance on the decision-making process to ensure wise investment in sport and recreation facilities.

There is no ideal model for management of sport and recreation facilities.  Quality facility management resulting in high levels of community access and participation depends on the qualities and skills of those involved in management, marketing and service delivery.

This guide, and accompanying research report, can be used by decision-makers within TAs and by officers who guide and inform TA decision-making.  They may also be of value to professional advisers to TAs, or to companies providing sport and recreation facility management services.

The guide provides information and decision-making processes that can be applied both when planning new sport and recreation facilities, and when considering procurement choices for existing sport and recreation facilities.

This guide outlines the key characteristics of each of the different models and their advantages and disadvantages, drawn from research conducted with a range of New Zealand TAs and private providers, and relevant Australian and United Kingdom research.

The guide provides process flow charts, key question to ask to aid decision-making, and references to additional tools and resources.

This guide should be read alongside the companion Territorial Authority Community Sport and Recreation Facility Management Choices in New Zealand: Full Report.



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