The Economic Value of Sport and Outdoor Recreation to New Zealand: Updated Data 2015 Research Completed


The Economic Value of Sport and Outdoor Recreation to New Zealand: Updated Data 2015

Lead Author

Professor Paul Dalziel , Reviewed by the Sport New Zealand Research Team


Lincoln University; AERU

Publication Year

12 November 2015


Sport New Zealand


New Zealanders enjoy and value participating in sport and recreation. High levels of public and private investment support this participation, and so it is important to understand the benefits (and costs) generated by New Zealanders’ involvement in sport and recreation activities.

This comprehensive national study by Professor Paul Dalziel from the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University provides an update to the report published in 2011. The report concludes that sport and recreation makes a significant contribution to the national economy and our society:

  • the broadly-defined sport and recreation sector’s contribution (including volunteered services) to New Zealand’s total GDP (gross domestic product) in 2012/13 was more than $4,958 million, or 2.3 per cent.
  • 53,000 people were recorded in the 2013 Census as employed in sport or recreation industries or occupations. This is 2.8% of all employed people and an increase of 11.5 per cent compared with the 2006 Census figure.

The study provides:

    • snapshot of the current dollar value of sport and recreation activity, including contribution to GDP and employment, consumer demand for goods and services generated by participants and spectators and benefits to tourism.


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February 19, 2016

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February 22, 2016