Tackling NZ's growing obesity via rugby clubs Research Underway


Tackling NZ's growing obesity via rugby clubs

Lead Researcher

Ralph Maddison


Health Research Council of New Zealand, The University of Auckland


Ralph Maddison The University of Auckland

09 923 4767



Description of Project

The rapid increase in obesity rates in recent years, particularly among Maori and Pacific men is a serious health concern and highlights the need for programmes to help them manage their weight. Unfortunately, men do not typically engage with traditional weight loss programmes. Professional rugby with its high male, Māori and Pacific fan base provides an ideal way to deliver weight management programmes; however before conducting a trial to assess the effectiveness of this approach, key feasibility issues need to be addressed. An effective programme developed in Scotland will be modified and pre-tested to determine its acceptability for New Zealand men. Focus groups and key stakeholder interviews will be conducted to determine their opinions and perceptions about the proposed programme. The proposed research will have a direct impact on the health of men, with a particular focus on Māori and Pacific by reducing the burden of disease associated with obesity.
Keywords: obesity, weight management,




01/05/2015 - 01/05/2016

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June 24, 2015