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Freshwater Recreation and Amenity Values in Canterbury: Literature Review and Action Plan

Visitor Solutions were engaged to undertake a literature review of freshwater recreation and amenity values for Environment Canterbury. This was related to recreation uses and management of rivers... read more

Sport and Active Recreation in New Zealand: 16-Year Adult Participation Trends, 1998-2014

Sport New Zealand

This report uses data from three ‘point in time’ national Sport NZ surveys to examine participation trends over a 16-year period: the 1997/98 New Zealand Sport and Physical Activity... read more

Volunteering Insights Report

GEMBA comissioned by Sport New Zealand

The GEMBA sports and entertainment report (GSER) is driven by the need to make better-informed, fact-based decisions. This report employs data collected via the GSER to provide insights about New... read more

Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Eastlink Sports Hub

This document aims to highlight key learnings and observations taken from working with the Eastlink Sports Hub. Formally known as Lugton Park Combined Sports Associate (Eastlink Sports &ndash... read more

Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Engagement with Local Secondary Schools

This document looks into the challenges and learning taken from working with local secondary schools during an Active Communities project. These findings come from several meetings that were held... read more

Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Community Engagement- Red Cross Case Study

In this case study we look at how sport and physical activity has been used as the vehicle to engage, socialise and promote health to members of the Islamic Refugee community.  This study looks... read more

Impact Assessment of the Region-wide Swimming Pool Pricing Policy 2013-2015

Auckland Council Community and Social Policy Department

On 2 April 2013, Auckland Council implemented a new region-wide Swimming Pool Pricing Policy whereby children 16 years and under received universal free access to council-owned swimming pools... read more

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults

Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU), Auckland Council

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults draws on Sport NZ’s 2013/14 Active NZ Survey to provide insights into how people living in the region take part in sport and recreation... read more

The Economic Value of Sport and Outdoor Recreation to New Zealand: Updated Data 2015

Professor Paul Dalziel

New Zealanders enjoy and value participating in sport and recreation. High levels of public and private investment support this participation, and so it is important to understand the benefits (and... read more

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