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Evidence cerebral blood-flow regulation mediates exercise-cognition links in healthy young adults

Liana Machado

Objective: Healthy young adults are presumed to be in their cognitive prime, yet emerging evidence indicates that regular engagement in physical activity can still benefit their cognitive... read more

Feasibility of an after-school group-based exercise & lifestyle programme to improve cardiorespiratory fitness & health in less active Pacific & Maori adolescents

C Raina Elley

Obesity and low levels of physical activity are increasing among Pacific and Maori adolescents in New Zealand. In this study, the authors assess the feasibility of a six-week after-school exercise... read more

‘It just makes you feel invincible’: A Foucauldian analysis of children's experiences of organised team sports

The childhood years are highlighted as a crucial time when ongoing participation in physical activity can be nurtured and maintained. The nurturing of a child’s proclivity to participate in... read more

Obesity, energy intake and physical activity in rural and urban New Zealand children

E. Hodgkin

The objective of this study was to investigate rural–urban differences in body composition, energy intake, physical activity and screen time in New Zealand children. This study reports on data... read more

Ten years on – where's coaching at?

Professor Lyn Kidman describes how coaching and coach development have evolved here and overseas over the past 10 years. Athlete-or participant-centred coaching is the heart of the New Zealand... read more

The application of kaupapa in lab-based research

Issac Warbrick

Type- 2 diabetes and other illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle have a high prevalence among Mäori. While the application of knowledge from exercise physiology, a specific... read more

Mapping outdoor organizations' governance

This article reports an exploratory study that mapped the governance structures of 12 New Zealand Outdoor Recreation Organizations. The Chair, CEO or equivalent and a new board member from each... read more

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