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Freshwater Recreation and Amenity Values in Canterbury: Literature Review and Action Plan

Visitor Solutions were engaged to undertake a literature review of freshwater recreation and amenity values for Environment Canterbury. This was related to recreation uses and management of rivers... read more

Key messages about change in schools: A literature scan for Sport New Zealand

Sally Boyd

At the heart of all new programmes, initiatives, policies or curriculum documents designed for school settings is an attempt to change some aspect of school practice. Therefore, an understanding of... read more

Holism in sports coaching: beyond humanistic psychology: a commentary

Lynn Kidman

A commentary on the article Holism in Sports Coaching: Beyond Humanistic Psychology authored by Tania Cassidy originally published in 2010 by International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching... read more

Outdoor Recreation Research Stocktake: Synthesis

Stocktake of exisitng outdoor recreation research. Keywords: Outdoor recreation... read more

Report examines the impact of sport sponsorship in Australia and New Zealand

Connor Wright

Sponsorship Today has published a detailed analysis of sponsorship in Australian and New Zealand sport; finding that the combined countries’ sports sponsorship spending is US$880 million... read more

Introduction to special section on bodies in motion: Sport, health, physical activity and physical education

Clive Pope

The article focuses on health and physical education. Rachel Saunders presents a narrative that typifies many sporting communities in this country. Her story illustrates the nature and influence that... read more

A synthesis and gap analysis of public conservation area visitor research in New Zealand 1995-2010

Brent Lovelock

Increasing the participation of New Zealanders and overseas visitors in recreation and tourism activities in public conservation areas is a priority task for the Department of Conservation (DOC). To... read more

An imperceptible difference: visual and textual constructions of femininity in Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Women

Fink, J.S

The success of female athletes in the 1996 Olympics brought with it a great deal of optimism that women in sport would finally receive acceptance for their athletic talents. This optimism was... read more

Tourism and Recreation in New Zealand’s Natural Environment: A Bibliography and Research Synthesis

Booth, K. & Mackay, M.

This report presents a literature review and synthesis of published research about tourism and recreation in New Zealand’s natural environment. Keywords: Tourism, New Zealand, Natural... read more

Biophysical Impacts of Tourism

Crawford, K., Phillips, J., Ward, J. & Hughey, K.

This annotated bibliography focuses on the biophysical impacts of tourism. Literature was sourced from scientific, managerial and industry publications. Annotations include a description of the... read more

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