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Modelling progression of competitive sports performance

Rita Maria Malcata

Athletes, coaches, sport scientists and managers need objective assessment of changes in competitive performance to provide evidence for guiding athletes’ development, for assessing programme... read more

Insights to Moving Waikato 2020

Sport Waikato

Moving Waikato 2020 is a project that utilises available statistical data, combined with subjective stories and feedback to define “What’s next for sport, recreation and physical... read more

Examining the Nature of Interpersonal Coach-Athlete Dyads between New Zealand National Representative Female Football Players and National Head Coaches

Dwayne Woolliams

  Keywords: The purpose of this research is to better understand the nature of the coach-athlete relationships within New Zealand Football’s National Female under 17s, Under 20s and the... read more

Study into why fast bowlers suffer many injuries

Sibi Boycott Walter

Sports physio and PhD student Sibi Boycott Walter, from Chennai in India, is leading a study on shoulder injuries among New Zealand pace bowlers. His cricket research is being supervised by... read more

Contextualised Skill Acquisition: Investigating the Skill and Expertise of Brazilian Footballers

Luiz Antonio Uehara

This thesis investigates the role of socio-cultural-historical environmental constraints influencing the development of association football expertise and skill in Brazilian players. Only a small... read more

Evidence cerebral blood-flow regulation mediates exercise-cognition links in healthy young adults

Liana Machado

Objective: Healthy young adults are presumed to be in their cognitive prime, yet emerging evidence indicates that regular engagement in physical activity can still benefit their cognitive... read more

Feasibility of an after-school group-based exercise & lifestyle programme to improve cardiorespiratory fitness & health in less active Pacific & Maori adolescents

C Raina Elley

Obesity and low levels of physical activity are increasing among Pacific and Maori adolescents in New Zealand. In this study, the authors assess the feasibility of a six-week after-school exercise... read more

Obesity, energy intake and physical activity in rural and urban New Zealand children

E. Hodgkin

The objective of this study was to investigate rural–urban differences in body composition, energy intake, physical activity and screen time in New Zealand children. This study reports on data... read more

Kiwisport Report

Sport NZ

On the 11th August 2009 Kiwisport was launched by the Prime Minister, through two funding channels. The Ministry of Education manage the Direct Fund, which is a $12 million per year operating grant... read more

Ngā Hua Ā Tāne Rore: the Benefits of Kapa Haka

Te Kotahi Research Institute, Waikato University

The report identifies that kapa haka plays an important role in the life of our nation. It is an unique part of our identity as New Zealanders and contributes positively to employment, economic... read more

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