Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library

Welcome to the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library (the Knowledge Library). The Knowledge Library is for all those working or interested in sport and recreation in New Zealand – practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and planners.

Purpose of the Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library brings together in one repository New Zealand-based sport and recreation research projects – underway and completed. Read more…

New Research

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New Plymouth District: Draft Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy – 30 Years

The Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy (replacing the District Leisure Plan 1999), addresses the key issues and emerging trends discussed in the Background Document dated August 2014, by providing a strategic framework to plan for open space... Read more

Petone Arena Development: Social Impact Report

The purpose of this report is to determine the social impact on Lower Hutt City, the greater Hutt Valley and Wellington sub-regions of the proposed Petone Arena development at the Petone Recreation Ground, in terms of contributing positively to... Read more

Research Underway

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The Effect of Reduced Ankle Dorsiflexion and Ankle Bracing on Lower Extremity Mechanics in Elite Secondary School Netball Players

Restricted ankle dorsiflexion ROM is associated with common netball injuries such as knee ligament sprain, patellar tendinopathy and patellofemoral pain syndrome. This is thought to be due to compensatory kinematic and kinetic changes elsewhere in... Read more

Sport and Recreation Recovery Programme

This Sport and Recreation Recovery Programme is a living document, and feedback is encouraged. Canterbury’s sport and recreation landscape has changed significantly as a result of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. The Sport and Recreation... Read more

Clearinghouse for Sport


The Clearinghouse for Sport website connects sports people with complementary expertise and helps facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge across the sport sector. Membership is free.

The Clearinghouse for Sport complements the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library by providing an Australasian and international doorway to sport and recreation knowledge.

Sport NZ online toolkit

Tell your sport and recreation story!

You know how valuable your organisation is. This self-help research toolkit can help you tell others…potential and current members, funders, planners and more. It can also help you reflect on what you do, and how to do it better Have a look.

Also find completed case study research on the value of sport and recreation on this website here.


Visual Knowledge

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Primary Sport Showreel Channel (Counties Manukau Sport/Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation): MOSA Netball

MOSA Netball: Over 450 girls from Mangere and Otahuhu Primary Schools played at the MOSA Netball Tournament 2014, a Primary Sport event delivered by...

Read more


Active Communities Project: a Case Study of the East

The focus of this case study is to look at the processes taken to work towards developing a Sports Hub concept in the East of Hamilton, highlight progress made to date, the challenges faced, the key goals / milestones which will be the focus for the... Read more

Community Sport Good Practice Case studies

This series page contains a wide range of community sport and recreation good practice case studies that have been produced over the years as part of Sport New Zealand/SPARC Active Communities Investment (ACI) funding, and other initiatives. When... Read more

Sport and Recreation Case Study toolkit released

Sport NZ has produced a new Sport and Recreation Case Study toolkit. The toolkit  has been designed as an easy to use web-based resource to help sport and recreation organisations, facilities, and events understand and share the value of their... Read more