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Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Eastlink Sports Hub

This document aims to highlight key learnings and observations taken from working with the Eastlink Sports Hub. Formally known as Lugton Park Combined Sports Associate (Eastlink Sports &ndash... read more

Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Engagement with Local Secondary Schools

This document looks into the challenges and learning taken from working with local secondary schools during an Active Communities project. These findings come from several meetings that were held... read more

Active Communities Project: A Case Study of Community Engagement- Red Cross Case Study

In this case study we look at how sport and physical activity has been used as the vehicle to engage, socialise and promote health to members of the Islamic Refugee community.  This study looks... read more

A Case Study of Best Practice in Tertiary and Community Partnerships

The focus of this case study is to showcase best practise and look at the processes undertaken to work towards developing relations between a tertiary institution and the wider community... read more

Venture Southland targets ongoing viability for Southland’s community pools

Sport NZ

With community swimming pools across Southland threatened by a lack of finances, volunteers, expertise, and sheer disrepair, Venture Southland spearheaded an action plan to address these issues and... read more

The Amalgamation of Two Clubs – Boulcott’s Farm Heritage Golf Club

Boulcott’s Farm Heritage Golf Club

Increasingly sport and recreational organisations are reviewing how they operate in today’s economic climate. Many organisations are now looking to collaborate, thinking about sharing... read more

Sport Hawke’s Bay’s model for ensuring strong engagement with Maori

Sport Hawkes Bay

Within the RST, and increasingly across its partners and stakeholders, there is significant effort to ensure everyone – Maori and non-Maori – is comfortable working in the Maori world... read more

Push Play Neighbourhood Project Toolkit: A Community Development Approach to Getting Communities Active and Establishing Neighbourhood Collectives

Justine Martin

This toolkit was developed in 2009 in order to give a broad overview of the Push Play Neighbourhood (PPN) project in the Rodney District including challenges, major lessons learnt and the benefits to... read more

Pathway 2 Health (CASE STUDY)

Amy Fowler

‘Pathway 2 Health’ is an Eastern Bay of Plenty initiative begin in 2007. The aim is far-reaching: to get people across the region more active. There’s particular emphasis on Maori... read more

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