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‘It just makes you feel invincible’: A Foucauldian analysis of children's experiences of organised team sports

The childhood years are highlighted as a crucial time when ongoing participation in physical activity can be nurtured and maintained. The nurturing of a child’s proclivity to participate in... read more

The application of kaupapa in lab-based research

Issac Warbrick

Type- 2 diabetes and other illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle have a high prevalence among Mäori. While the application of knowledge from exercise physiology, a specific... read more

New Zealand as a safe adventure destination – is it a reality?

Purvi Salla

Adventure tourism has grown rapidly over the years playing a vital role in the economic growth of New Zealand as well as attracting numerous travellers from across the globe to the country. However... read more

Mapping outdoor organizations' governance

This article reports an exploratory study that mapped the governance structures of 12 New Zealand Outdoor Recreation Organizations. The Chair, CEO or equivalent and a new board member from each... read more

Exploring the opinions and perspectives of general practitioners towards the use of social networking sites for concussion management

Osman Ahmed

Social networking sites (SNSs) are increasingly being used for health-related pur­poses. Many patients now use sites such as Facebook to discuss symptoms, seek support, and search for advice on... read more

Trapped in the physical: Maori and Pasifika achievement in HPE

Katie Fitzpatrick

Health and physical education (PE) are low status, marginalised subjects in many schools internationally. However in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere, they are concurrently credentialed and... read more

Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Extrapersonal? Qualitatively investigating coordinative couplings between rowers in Olympic sculling.

  Keywords: Rowing, Timing, Interpersonal coorination, sculling, Elite    Coordinative couplings are commonly classified as interpersonal and intrapersonal.  Interpersonal... read more

Is physical education relevant? Interpersonal skills, values and hybridity

Katie Fitzpatrick

Discussion surrounding the relevance of the document Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum has focused on a range of areas. While some writers claim it has the potential to be... read more

Keeping Up With the Play: Practicum, Partnership and Practice

Andy Martin

This paper reports an inquiry into a Sport Management Program at Massey University. It provides program evaluation based on feedback from sport organizations and graduates related to their... read more

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