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Why Do Consumers Support The Underdog Team In Sports Entertainment? Replication and Extension Study of Motivational Bases for Consumer Affection for Underdog

Amishkumar Patel

The aim of this research study is to replicate the motivational bases associated with consumers’ affection towards the underdog and extend it to the sports industry, though some research does... read more

Online Discussion Forum Influence on Professional Sport Fan Support: an Exploratory Study

Alexander Natelli

With professional sports continually attracting new supporters and these supporters increasingly using Internet technologies, questions arise about the relationship between sport fan online... read more

Fear and loathing on the sport field: Masculinities,social transformation and creative teaching strategies

Richard Pringle

  The apparent links between sport and masculinities have generated critical concern from a number of educationalists, feminists and sport sociologists. These concerns have inspired the... read more

Managing stakeholder relationships in conjunction with a public health agenda: A case study of community sport events in New Zealand

    The stereotypical realm of taboo sport sponsorship, which has traditionally included tobacco and alcohol products, is evolving to incorporate soft drink, confectionary and fast food... read more

Young Women’s Views and Experiences of Sport

Sport New Zealand

This factsheet provides a summary of the findings of a study Sport NZ funded looking at young women’s engagement with sport, with a focus on 15 to 17 year olds. The study, by the University of... read more

Employee recreation in New Zealand: a pilot study

Rosaleen M Ward

This study investigates executive and employee attitudes towards employee recreation. A mail survey was conducted among 11 private sector companies in Christchurch. The issues examined include the... read more

Determinants of inter-partner learning in an alliance between a national sporting organisation and a professional sport franchise

Paul Cleary

  This research explores the determinants of inter-partner learning in alliances. The potential for organisations to learn from their alliance partner is well recognised in the literature. The... read more

The Societal Costs and Benefits of Commuter Bicycling: Simulating the Effects of Specific Policies Using System Dynamics Modeling

Alexandra Macmillan

Background: Shifting to active modes of transport in the trip to work can achieve substantial co-benefits for health, social equity and climate change mitigation. Previous integrated modeling of... read more

Should physical activity be on the healthy ageing agenda?

Bevan C Grant

Physical activity makes a notable contribution to one’s independence, ability to perform everyday tasks and quality of life in the later years, but engagement in this health-related behaviour... read more

The Downhill Mountain Bike Subculture in New Zealand

Scarlett Hagen

This research examines the experiences and meanings that elite downhill mountain bike racers assign to their involvement in the New Zealand downhill mountain bike subculture. The research is located... read more

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