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Sarah works with businesses and organisations both within and outside of the sport sector helping build and improve their organisational capability. She is an Fellow with the NZ Business Excellence Foundation and an Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro).
Within the Sport & Recreation sector Sarah was the key consultant working with Sport NZ to develop the Organisational Development Tool (ODT) and train the nationwide pool of facilitators. She supported early development of Sport NZ's Club WOF and developed the Maori Capability Tool for ARPASS. She was Project Manager for the Auckland Sport and Recreation Strategy. She has delivered a range of strategic reviews, including NZC Women and Cricket, NZ Racing Board's Women in Racing, SNZ/HPSNZ Athlete Voice Review etc.
Sarah captained the NZ U23 Womens Cricket team as well as coaching the State Auckland Hearts first class cricket team. She was a member of both the Junior Board and Womens Board of NZ Cricket. She was on the Recreation Aotearoa Board for 6 years, with 2 as Chair. In a previous life she worked in sport development at Harbour Sport and as Business Manager at UniSports Centre for Sport Performance. So Sarah has real passion, interest and experience across the sports and recreation sector.

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