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Freshwater Recreation and Amenity Values in Canterbury: Literature Review and Action Plan

Visitor Solutions were engaged to undertake a literature review of freshwater recreation and amenity values for Environment Canterbury. This was related to recreation uses and management of rivers... read more

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults

Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU), Auckland Council

Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland Adults draws on Sport NZ’s 2013/14 Active NZ Survey to provide insights into how people living in the region take part in sport and recreation... read more

The Economic Value of Sport and Outdoor Recreation to New Zealand: Updated Data 2015

Professor Paul Dalziel

New Zealanders enjoy and value participating in sport and recreation. High levels of public and private investment support this participation, and so it is important to understand the benefits (and... read more

Insights to Moving Waikato 2020

Sport Waikato

Moving Waikato 2020 is a project that utilises available statistical data, combined with subjective stories and feedback to define “What’s next for sport, recreation and physical... read more

Sport NZ Governance Benchmark Review 2014

BoardWorks International

In 2003 twenty six organisations were reviewed in a benchmark study that laid the ground for our governance programmes.  Eleven years later the remaining twenty four organisations were... read more

Voting with their feet: use of recreation sites on public conservation land and waters by New Zealanders

Sven Schroeder

Voting with Their Feet describes New Zealanders patterns of visitation to Public Conservation Land & Waters at a national and regional level. It uses infographics to indicate the regions... read more

Push Play Neighbourhood Project Toolkit: A Community Development Approach to Getting Communities Active and Establishing Neighbourhood Collectives

Justine Martin

This toolkit was developed in 2009 in order to give a broad overview of the Push Play Neighbourhood (PPN) project in the Rodney District including challenges, major lessons learnt and the benefits to... read more

Push Play Neighbourhood Project Practice Manual

Justine Martin

This practice manual was developed in 2009 as a guide as to how the Push Play Neighbourhood (PPN) Coordinators in the Rodney District implemented the Push Play Neighbourhood Project within their... read more

Pathway 2 Health (CASE STUDY)

Amy Fowler

‘Pathway 2 Health’ is an Eastern Bay of Plenty initiative begin in 2007. The aim is far-reaching: to get people across the region more active. There’s particular emphasis on Maori... read more

Push Play Neighbourhoods (CASE STUDY)

Jay Martin

The following case study outlines the Push Play Neighbourhood initiative led by Sport North Harbour in Rodney. For more in-depth information please download the Practice Manual and Toolkit... read more

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