2011 Young People’s Survey Series Research Series

Sport New Zealand’s 2011 Young People’s Survey (YPS) is the most significant piece of research into young New Zealanders’ participation in sport and recreation in more than 10 years. The survey is a school-based survey of over 17,000 young New Zealanders (5 to 18 years old). The scale of the survey allows us, for the first time, to explore how sport and recreation fit into the lives of boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds.

All published reports from the YPS series are accessible via this page either under the Latest Research (new research produced from the survey) or Earlier Research (which includes the initial report (Sport and recreation in the lives of young New Zealanders), the Methodology report and a printable infographic).


Kay Haughey



November 1, 2013


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February 17, 2016