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Explaining the under-utlisation of event specific ambush marketing legislationResearch Underway1967
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Central and Western AreaResearch Completed1938
Sport and Recreation sector workforce to 2026Research Completed1904
What’s the real value of sport to New Zealand? infographicResearch Completed1898
Developing board strategic capability in sport organisations: The national–regional governing relationshipResearch Completed1881
Key Results of the 2007/08 Active New Zealand SurveyResearch Completed1874
Methodology Report for the 2011 Young People’s SurveyResearch Completed1871
The Ultimate Guide to the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry 2013Research Completed1842
Financing Sports Organisations in New Zealand: the impact of governors’ choicesResearch Completed1827
2007/08 Active New Zealand SurveyResearch Series1809
The Costs of Physical Inactivity: Toward a regional full-cost accounting perspectiveResearch Completed1800
Volunteers: The heart of sport. The experiences and motivations of sports volunteers.Research Completed1776
Regional Profiles: 2011 The Economic Value of Sport and RecreationResearch Project1775
Study into why fast bowlers suffer many injuriesResearch Underway1773
Sport Profiles: 2013/14 Active New Zealand SurveyResearch Project1759
Family-oriented non-competitive outdoor recreation events and on-going participationResearch Completed1747
Gaming fundingResearch Series1746
Gaining and Losing Respect of the New Zealand Public: Adidas' 2011 Rugby World Cup Jersey Pricing CrisisResearch Completed1745
Sponsorship: Small and largeResearch Underway1737
In-depth Report: 2011 Young People’s SurveyResearch Project1732
What’s the ‘cost’ of the game? Discretionary and variable costs in grassroots sports clubs (rugby)Research Underway1725
An evaluation of SPARC’s Coach Accelerator Programme (CAPResearch Underway1715
Evaluating the impact of the 2000 America’s Cup on Auckland, New ZealandResearch Completed1710
Critical financial issues facing grass roots sports clubsResearch Completed1709
Sport and Active Recreation in the Lives of Auckland AdultsResearch Completed1704
Sport and Recreation Participation Trends 1997-2007Research Completed1704
Interactions Between Tourists and the Natural Environment: Impacts of Tourist Trampling on Geothermal Vegetation and Tourist Experiences at Geothermal Sites in RotoruaResearch Completed1697
Sport New Zealand’s 2011 Young People’s Survey – Staff Survey ResultsResearch Completed1696
Volunteering Insights ReportResearch Completed1692
Conflict between sea–kayakers and motorised watercraft users along the Abel Tasman National Park coastline, New ZealandResearch Completed1683
Tackling NZ's growing obesity via rugby clubsResearch Underway1677
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Northern AreaResearch Completed1666
Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing CitiesResearch Completed1633
What’s the story? Outdoor education in New Zealand in the 21st centuryResearch Completed1609
Territorial Authority Sport and Recreation Facilities Decision GuideResearch Completed1608
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Southern and Eastern AreaResearch Completed1590
The influence of perceived risk in outdoor education among pre-teen age schoolchildren: Perspectives from EOTC teachers, Boards of Trustee Parents, and Outdoor Education ProvidersResearch Completed1556
National Facilities Strategy for Aquatic SportsResearch Completed1556
Baseline evaluation of New Zealand Cycle TrailsResearch Underway1556
Sport and Active Recreation in New Zealand: 16-Year Adult Participation Trends, 1998-2014Research Completed1549
Good Practice Principles for the Provision of Sport and Recreation for Young PeopleResearch Completed1538
The Effects of Respiratory Muscle Training in Highly-Trained RowersResearch Completed1501
Public perceptions – issues in where we want rural New Zealand to head in the 21st CenturyResearch Completed1484
Fishing for more understanding: A mixed logit‐error component model of freshwater angler site choice.Research Completed1479
Analysing an intervention for sideline behavioursResearch Underway1479
Sport and Recreation and the Links with Socio-economic Background: 2011 Young People’s SurveyResearch Project1470
Chinese Sport Forum Report 2012Research Completed1470
Recreational off-road vehicles destroying the environment, and others’ enjoyment of the outdoorsResearch Completed1457
The Strategic Development of High Performance Sport in New ZealandResearch Completed1456
Gaming Funding into the Sport and Physical Activity/Recreation Sector 2012Research Completed1452