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Sport and Active Recreation in New Zealand: 16-Year Adult Participation Trends, 1998-2014 Research Completed 2364
Evaluation of the London 2012 International Inspiration Sport for Development Programme Research Underway 2339
Interactions Between Tourists and the Natural Environment: Impacts of Tourist Trampling on Geothermal Vegetation and Tourist Experiences at Geothermal Sites in Rotorua Research Completed 2329
Volunteers: The heart of sport. The experiences and motivations of sports volunteers. Research Completed 2321
Sport and Recreation sector workforce to 2026 Research Completed 2292
Visitors’ and Locals’Experiences of Westland, New Zealand Research Completed 2285
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Central and Western Area Research Completed 2263
Search and Rescue Annual Statistics Report 2002 – 2003 Research Completed 2242
Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Young New Zealanders Research Completed 2241
Sport and Recreation Participation Trends 1997-2007 Research Completed 2233
Searchlight Report – Recreation Profiles (Wellington Region) Research Completed 2221
The Ultimate Guide to the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry 2013 Research Completed 2196
Financing Sports Organisations in New Zealand: the impact of governors’ choices Research Completed 2160
Gaming funding Research Series 2143
Key Results of the 2007/08 Active New Zealand Survey Research Completed 2142
Explaining the under-utlisation of event specific ambush marketing legislation Research Underway 2139
What’s the real value of sport to New Zealand? infographic Research Completed 2128
Sport New Zealand’s 2011 Young People’s Survey – Staff Survey Results Research Completed 2114
Regional Profiles: 2011 The Economic Value of Sport and Recreation Research Project 2110
2007/08 Active New Zealand Survey Research Series 2099
In-depth Report: 2011 Young People’s Survey Research Project 2098
Sport Profiles: 2013/14 Active New Zealand Survey Research Project 2093
2016 Sport and Recreation Paid Workforce Survey Research Series 2080
Developing board strategic capability in sport organisations: The national–regional governing relationship Research Completed 2068
The Costs of Physical Inactivity: Toward a regional full-cost accounting perspective Research Completed 2026
Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Cities Research Completed 1986
Evaluating the impact of the 2000 America’s Cup on Auckland, New Zealand Research Completed 1985
Gaining and Losing Respect of the New Zealand Public: Adidas' 2011 Rugby World Cup Jersey Pricing Crisis Research Completed 1985
What’s the ‘cost’ of the game? Discretionary and variable costs in grassroots sports clubs (rugby) Research Underway 1969
Sponsorship: Small and large Research Underway 1957
Family-oriented non-competitive outdoor recreation events and on-going participation Research Completed 1952
Critical financial issues facing grass roots sports clubs Research Completed 1940
National Facilities Strategy for Aquatic Sports Research Completed 1939
An evaluation of SPARC’s Coach Accelerator Programme (CAP Research Underway 1923
Tourism Planning Toolkit For Local Government Research Completed 1914
Gender Balance in New Zealand Olympic Sport Research Completed 1910
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Northern Area Research Completed 1906
Conflict between sea–kayakers and motorised watercraft users along the Abel Tasman National Park coastline, New Zealand Research Completed 1892
What’s the story? Outdoor education in New Zealand in the 21st century Research Completed 1821
Territorial Authority Sport and Recreation Facilities Decision Guide Research Completed 1813
The Future of Fitness: A White Paper Research Completed 1804
Searchlight Report – Recreation Wellington Southern and Eastern Area Research Completed 1790
He Oranga Poutama: What have we learned? A report on the developmental evaluation of He Oranga Poutama Research Completed 1774
Baseline evaluation of New Zealand Cycle Trails Research Underway 1758
The influence of perceived risk in outdoor education among pre-teen age schoolchildren: Perspectives from EOTC teachers, Boards of Trustee Parents, and Outdoor Education Providers Research Completed 1747
Good Practice Principles for the Provision of Sport and Recreation for Young People Research Completed 1731
The Cost of the Game? The Cost of a Game (Poster) Research Completed 1719
Sport and Recreation and the Links with Socio-economic Background: 2011 Young People’s Survey Research Project 1712
Summary Report: Opportunities and Challenges for Peri-Urban Recreation in New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Cities Research Completed 1700
Analysing an intervention for sideline behaviours Research Underway 1699